General Rules

1.No out of character drama, take it to private messages.
2.All citizens must be 18+ years of age.
3.You're expected to always stay in character.
4.You're not allowed to log out during a RP scenario.
5./ooc is used for out of character chat when you have a technical issue
6./twt chat is strictly for RP purposes
7.EMS are not allowed to be taken as hostage.
8.You cannot take new citizens younger than a week as hostages or rob them.
9.You can only vulture someone once a day.
10.No metagaming, stream sniping, out of game coms etc..
11.You can lose memory if you die in a RP scenario that demands it.

Police Rules

1.Police cannot pit inside city limits unless they deem the crime is serious enough. (reckless endangerment)

Heist Rules

1.You can only use one escape vehicle for the main bank heist.
2.If you have a spotter (a person on the outside), they can also have their own vehicle.

Criminals have up to 2 demands:

CLEAR THE AREAThe cops must leave one doorway completely clear of any vehicles or officers of up to 50ft.
REMOVE SPIKESCops will remove spike strips from the general area.
FREE PASSAGENo cops will attempt to tase or engage you until you are all in the approved vehicle.