Any property in the city can be bought. You can see available properties by going to the City Hall and enabling housing blips on the map. Contact a realestate agent or simply walk up to the property and buy it right on the spot.

You can share keys with /givekeys and /takekeys commands. Use /wardrobe to set up your closet anywhere on the property. Upgrade garage slots using the /upgradegarage command and even store local vehicles. Houses and garages can get broken in to. You can also place safes, crafting tables and grow six strains of weed.

If you wish to sell your house, you can do so in the City Hall.


Motels, Hotels, Holiday Inns.. we have them all! Become a landlord and rent them out or buy a single room. These come without a garage.


Luxury ocean front, city and prospect apartments available. If you buy an apartment, you also get a garage that comes with it.


Small affordable suburban, city, luxury, penthouse homes available. Houses all come with garages and backyard property where you can also place safes, crafting tables and do some gardening. Most of the houses you can walk into, which means the interiors are unique.


Almost all mansions in the city have interiors and are up for sale. There are also many villas and luxury houses to choose from. These properties offer large spaces for planting and decorations.