1. Crimes Against the Person

LawMinimum SentenceMaximum Sentence
1.1Criminal Harassment (Intimidation)$50010mo
1.2Simple Assault$500$2,000
1.3Assault with A Weapon$1,0005mo
1.4Assaulting a Police Officer$1,0005mo
1.5Aggravated Assault5mo20mo
1.6Attempted Murder5mo25mo
1.9Kidnapping and Unlawful Confinement10mo25mo

2. Crimes Against Property and Criminal Profiteering

LawMinimum SentenceMaximum Sentence
2.4Possession of break-in instrument4mo15mo
2.7Theft Over $50003mo15mo
2.12Grand Theft Auto
2.12.1Local Vehicle$1,00020mo
2.12.2Emergency Vehicle$5,00060mo
2.12.3Citizen Vehicle$5,00060mo
2.13Possession of Endangered Animals
2.13.1Sea Turtle Meat$2,000$5,000
2.13.2Shark Meat5mo15mo

3. Crimes Against Public Justice

LawMinimum SentenceMaximum Sentence
3.2Failure to Pay a Fine2moValue of assets
3.3Contempt of Court$1002mo
3.4Subpoena Violation$1002mo
3.5Obstructing Justice1mo2mo
3.6False Information to A Government Employee2mo10mo
3.7Filing A False Complaint2mo15mo
3.9Obstruction of a Peace Officer$5002mo
3.10Impersonation of A Government Employee$50015mo
3.11Obstruction of A Government Employee$50015mo
3.12Resisting A Peace Officer$50024mo
3.13Escape from Custody$5005mo
3.14Human Trafficking5mo24mo
3.15Fabricating Evidence5mo14mo
3.16Breach of Undertaking, Recognizance, or Probation$10010mo
3.17Voter Fraud / Voter Pandering5mo24mo
3.18Corruption of Public Duty5mo24mo
3.19Corruption of Public Office5mo24mo

4. Crimes Against Public Peace

LawMinimum SentenceMaximum Sentence
4.1Disturbing the PeaceWarning$5,000
4.2Unlawful Assembly and Rioting$5,0002mo
4.3Hate Crimes30moDeportation

5. Crimes Against Health and Safety

LawMinimum SentenceMaximum Sentence
5.1Possession of A Controlled Substance10mo
5.1.1Schedule I, II, III or V substance10mo
5.1.2Schedule IV substance (abuse of medical substances)4mo
5.1.3Small Offense3mo
5.1.4Summary conviction1mo
5.2Possession of An Open Container Liquor$100$500
5.2.1Public intoxication$125$500
5.2.2Under influence of controlled substance$150$500
5.3Domestic Terrorism120 moDeportation
5.4Intent to sell a Controlled Substance
5.4.1Marijuana w/out license, 300+5moValue of narcotics
5.4.2Marijuana w/license, 1300+5moValue of narcotics
5.4.3Other Schedule I, II, III or V substances, 200g+10moValue of narcotics

6. Vehicular Offenses

LawMinimum SentenceMaximum Sentence
6.1Driving with A Suspended License
6.1.1First offense$1,000$5,000
6.1.2Each subsequent offense$800Suspension
6.2Flight from a Peace Officer$10,0005mo
6.2.1With bodily harm10mo
6.3Flying Without a Pilot's License$10,00010mo
6.4Failure to Stop or Remain at Scene of Accident$1,0005mo
6.4.1With bodily harm10mo
6.4.2With causing death15mo60mo
6.5Reckless Operation of An Aircraft$10,00015mo
6.6Failure to Adhere to Flight Protocols$5,00015mo
6.7Aerial Evasion$50024mo
6.8Restricted Airspace Violation$5,000Suspension

7. Control Of Deadly Weapons And Equipment

LawMinimum SentenceMaximum Sentence
7.1Possession of An Illegal Blade$500$2,000
7.2Possession of An Unlicensed Firearm$1,000$8,000
7.3Possession of An Illegal Firearm$1,000$50,000
7.4Possession of An Assault Weapon$5,000$25,000
7.5Unlicensed Sale of a Firearm$5005mo
7.6Possession of An Explosive Device$1,000$10,000
7.7Manufacture or Possession of an Improvised Device$500$2,000
7.8Possession of Weaponry with Intent to Sell$2,500$15,000
7.9Possession of Explosive Devices with Intent to Sell$5,000$25,000
7.10Brandishing A Firearm$500Seizure
7.11Weapons Discharge Violation$2505mo
7.12Drive-By Shooting$1,000$10,000
7.13CCW / PF Violation$1,000Seizure

8. Road Law

LawMinimum SentenceMaximum Sentence
8.1Careless Driving$500Suspension
8.2Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle$2,0005mo
8.2.1With bodily harm$2,00010mo
8.2.2With causing death$2,00060mo
8.3Impaired Driving, Over 80 and Refusal (DUI)$1,00030mo
8.3.3Third and above10mo60mo
8.4Registration Violation$2,000Suspension
8.5Street Racing (50kmh over speed limit)fine5mo
8.5.1With bodily harmjail14mo
8.5.2With causing deathjail60mo
8.6Driving While Disqualified (Driving without a Valid License)$5005mo
8.7No vehicle insurance$5,000$10,000
8.8Illegal Parking$100Impound
8.9Speeding (average of 3 second measurement, minus 5 kph)
8.9.10-10 kphNoneNone
8.9.210-20 kphWarning$100
8.9.320-30 kph$100$150
8.9.430-40 kph$200$200
8.9.540-50 kph$250$250
8.10Running Red Light$200$200

9. Federal Code Violations

LawMinimum SentenceMaximum Sentence
9.2Tax Evasion120mo360mo
9.3Laundering of Money Instruments120mo360mo
9.4Gambling License Violation120mo360mo
9.5Medical Practice Violation120mo360mo
9.6Legal Practice Violation120mo360mo
9.7Construction and Maintenance Code Violation120mo360mo
9.8Criminal Fire Code Violation120mo360mo
9.9Failure to Comply with Fire Code120mo360mo
9.10Wiretapping Violation120mo360mo
9.11Criminal Business Operation120mo360mo
9.12Corporate Hijacking120mo360mo

FIB Federal Code Violations Investigations


Reasonable suspicion of federal code violation. Judge must approve undercover investigation.

Allowed Surveillance BEFORE Investigation:

1. Access to all government databases (DMV, police records, civil registry);

2. Recruit criminal informants.

Allowed Surveillance DURING Investigation:

1. Infiltrate suspected organization under investigation;

2. Offer witness protection.

Allowed DURING Investigation Requiring Separate Warrants:

1. Break and enter real estate owned by the organization under investigation, or one of its members, per one address;

2. Requesting meta-data of cell phone records from suspect his/her telephone operator(s);

3. Requesting banking details from suspect his/her bank(s);

4. Participate in an illegal activity in accordance with the FIB Policy on "Participation in otherwise illegal activity by Undercover Employees" found below.


Money and assets (real estate and vehicles) that are proven to have been financed with ill-gotten gains can be seized from the accused after having been found guilty. Assets will be frozen once the suspect is charged with the alledged crimes, and released back to them if not found guilty.

Max Sentencing:

1. Seizure of money and assets;

2. 720 months in jail and/or $1,000,000 in fines;

3. Fired / demoted from office.

Post Sentencing:

New life rule for organizations. All roleplay scenarios surrounding the investigation end.

FIB Policy on "Participation in otherwise illegal activity by Undercover Employees"

Except when authorized pursuant to these Guidelines, no undercover employee shall engage in any activity that would constitute a violation of Federal, state, or local law if engaged in by a private person acting without authorization. For purposes of these Guidelines, such activity is referred to as otherwise is referred to as otherwise illegal activity.

1. Justification:

No official shall recommend or approve participation by an undercover employee in otherwise illegal activity unless the participation is justified:

1.1 to obtain information or evidence necessary for the success of the investigation and not reasonably available without participation in the otherwise illegal activity;

1.2 to establish or maintain credibility of a cover identity;

1.3 to prevent death or serious bodily injury.

2. Minimization:

2.1 The FIB shall take reasonable steps to minimize the participation of an undercover employee in any otherwise illegal activity.

3. Prohibitions:

3.1 participate in any act of violence except in self-defense;

3.2 initiate or instigate any plan to commit criminal acts except in accordance with Section 5 below; or

3.3 participate in conduct which would constitute unlawful investigative techniques (e.g., illegal wiretapping, illegal mail openings, breaking and entering, or trespass amounting to an illegal search).

4. Self-Defense:

4.1 Nothing in these Guidelines prohibits an undercover employee from taking reasonable measures of self-defense in an emergency to protect his or her own life or the lives of others against wrongful force. Such measures shall be reported to the FIBHQ, who shall inform the Judge as soon as possible

5. Authorization:

5.1 The Judge must approve all undercover operations and activities, including those which contemplate participation in otherwise illegal activity.

This approval shall constitute authorization of:

5.1.1 otherwise illegal activity which is a misdemeanor or similar minor crime under Federal, state, or local law;

5.1.2 consensual monitoring, even if a crime under local law;

5.1.3 the purchase of stolen or contraband goods;

5.1.4 the delivery or sale of stolen property which cannot be traced to the rightful owner;

5.1.5 the controlled delivery of drugs which will not enter commerce;

5.1.6 the payment of bribes which is not included in the sensitive circumstances;

5.1.7 the making of false representations to third parties in concealment of personal identity or the true ownership of a proprietary (but not any statement under oath or the penalties of perjury, which must be authorized pursuant to subparagraph (b) below);

5.1.8 conducting no more than five money laundering transactions, not to exceed a maximum aggregate amount of $1 million.

5.2 Participation in otherwise illegal activity which is a felony or its equivalent under Federal, state, or local law and which is not otherwise excepted under the guidelines above, requires additional authorization by the (Deputy) Director of the FIB after review by the Judge.

5.3 Participation in otherwise illegal activity which involves a significant risk of violence or physical injury requires authorization by the Director, Deputy Director, or designated Executive Assistant Director after review by the Judge.

5.4 If an undercover employee believes it to be necessary and appropriate under the standards set out above, to participate in otherwise illegal activity that was not foreseen or anticipated, every effort should be made to consult with the Assistant Director, who shall seek emergency interim authority from the Judge, who will review it if possible, or, if necessary, may provide emergency authorization. If consultation is impossible, and the undercover employee concludes that there is an immediate and grave threat to life, physical safety, or property, the undercover emplyee may participate in the otherwise illegal activity, so long as he does not take part in and makes every effort to prevent any act of violence. A report to the Assistant Director shall be made as soon as possible, who shall submit a written report to FIBHQ, which shall promptly inform the Judge. A decision by an undercover employee to participate in otherwise illegal activity under this subsection may be retroactively authorized if appropriate.

5.5 If an undercover operation results in violence in the course of criminal activity, and an undercover employee, informant, or cooperating witness has participated in any manner in the criminal activity, the agent shall immediately inform FIBHQ, which shall inform the Judge as soon as possible.